Thrift Store Buffet Redo

I got  new addition to my dining room. 

A cute little DIY project. I will be totally honest, it's not real wood...

its cheap presswood. 

But for the price I paid? Who cares.

How much do you ask?

Less then $150?


Less then $50?



I know! score, right?!?!

 I painted the top and sides all black and just streaked the drawers to see if I liked it. (I forgot to take the 1970's magnets off)
If you weren't born during or before the 70's, don't be scared when I tell you this but they used to use magnets to keep doors closed in almost everything. 

The original doors that were in the middle, I took them off. Kinda liking the look I have to say.

Here is a before and after shot.

I poly'ed the top to give it a bit of protection.

All I used was black krylon satin paint and some polyurethane. I used a brush to do several coats where I wanted it all black... and a paper towel to wipe off the areas where I wanted it streaked.

I haven't touched the hardware...I may change it...but for now, I'll leave it.

When I get the dining room re-painted...I'll be sure to post some "staged" photos, but I thought you'd appreciate my reality...

Thanks for dropping by!