Sunshine & Dishes Tablescape

Sunshine & Dishes Tablescape for Summer

Summer time outdoor. Dining with family and friends, rustic style.

An abundance of sunshine, some gardening and a table setting for 2. Life is good!

Dining on the patio in summertime

I stained my tables in the backyard. The wood was looking too new. I am thinking it might need one coat of poly to give it a tiny bit of shine...what do you think?

Picnic in the yard

I used a homemade stain (I filled a mason jar almost full with vinegar and dropped in 3 steel wool pads from the dollar store and waited 2 weeks. This color is one heavily applied coat)

The table runner is actually a thrift store pillow sham.

eating outdoors in style

If you had seen me putting this together, you probably would have smiled, or laughed. 

I was battling wind gusts of 10 to 20 mph, and my little green moss rocks wanted to fly fly away.

rustic table set for eating

table setting outside for summer

Such is my life; chasing faux moss rocks, yelling "come back here sparky!"

I sometimes wonder, am I the neighbor you wanna hang out often with and laugh, or are you going to put a privacy fence and waterfall so you don't hear or see me.

Summer tablescape in the backyard

Is there a better background then grass? Especially when you can smell the grass your neighbor is cutting?

Summer tablescape in the backyard

I'd have taken a shot of him for your use, (Who wouldn't want to see a hot lawn boy?) but I like you....and Brad Pitt he is not.

Trust me on this!

outdoor rustic dining

He is a nice neighbor don't get me wrong, but he plows his backyard in the winter time so his dogs can go potty. 

dining outdoors

I haven't made up my mind if he is a genius at avoiding hideous "shovel injuries" or just a redneck neighbor.

Summer tablescape ideas

They are still getting bumped around from the wind, so I left the candles out for now.

Remember the burlap table runner I made? You can see that post here

Well all the leftover strings got made into tassils.

Summer tablescape

I'd say we'll eat out here this evening, but hubby spends a lot of his time working outdoors, so I don't ask him to eat outside after a 10 hour day. But I might be able to entice him with a nice cold beer.

Have a good one!