Early Spring Garden Tour showing what's Blooming

Here is what's blooming so far in my front garden

I have been moving some items around so I have some filling in to do, but to me, that's the fun part!

This little guy... I just snatched him up at Home Depot...When the Lavender pops up behind it will be a beautiful sight!


Love this flower! They will be totally popping open in a day or so....every time I see these bulbs, I buy them...I have them sprinkled next to the sidewalk...

I forgot the name of this lemon yellow plant but it is such a great contrast to the purple alliums. I actually divided it last spring and it is also on the other side of the yard, and it is not disappointing me. I might have to divide it again.

This little guy had a field day! I was digging a hole and found some slugs (or maybe they were grub worms) and started throwing them in the yard. I almost had this bird eat one out of my hand, but the slimy thing started moving and it was kinda slithery....yes... I got grossed out. 

So I yelled "Fast Food" and flung it. My neighbors probably think I am on medication. Out there talking to birds, squirrels and telling slugs to get out f my flower beds!

Hellebore. This is my first spring with these beauties, and it has been blooming for weeks now

Love it!

Japanese Maple Love the color but they are such slow growers. I am thinking of hunting down a bigger one and relocating this to a new spot.

I bought a couple of ferns, moved and re-painted the house numbers.

Enjoy the outdoors, because I know I will!