Living Room Summer 2013

I thought you might want to see my living room....and my 2 new acquisitions...

This wonderful piece I found at the sweetest little market on a street in Paris....Ok, no that's a fib.

<looking around to see whose listening> Burlington Coat Factory....
You know blogging has been really great for really has.

It keeps me on my toes...I noticed lately that certain little areas in my house were looking a little tired...neglected. There is nothing like wanting to show pic's of your home and when you see the pictures...?

I don't know about you, but I was like ...uhhhh no... not gonna happen...I can do better then this...

I was asking myself a lot of questions...

What was I thinking?
How long have I had that rug?
How in the BLEEP does dog hair get there?
When is the last time I bought some new artwork?
Is that really the best I can do?
How much dog hair can one animal have?

 Well first came the re-arranging....and here is some insight into hubby's's June and this is my THIRD living room re-arrangement.
If you were here, he would re-gale you (arms waving) of the time he came home from working on the race truck at 11 pm and his evil woman didn't leave a light on, sooooo.... he tripped over the sofa. Literally. Fell right over it. He would describe all his boo boo's and owies...(even tho there were no boo boo's) and the noises that he made...and then I'd get THE LOOK....the look that says...She is torturing my male brain in a DIY way that I'll never understand.
yeah yeah yeah... that was 13 years ago....get over it. 

Let me tell you the story of how he woke me up tripping over a huge sofa because he didn't hit the light switch right next to the front door....and yelling OOoommmppphhh.

He is cute tho, I know...I used some of his Dad's old tools to add to my salvage/industrial/Traditional theme that I am still kinda crazy about...

Who knew a wood planer would be great knick knack?

Flowers from my you can see I have carried my love of purple outside and inside...

Above is my second new acquisition...a black wrought iron window (Hobby Lobby 50% off) I am still debating on whether I should let it sit on the table, or hang it....any ideas? Are there rules about this?? Please share if there are. Cuz the Lord and Hubby know I break enough rules....


My blogging spot...

I have some family photos, various artwork, a wood pallet table runner....etc

Here are the tweaks I did in the entryway...some of you will notice a few tablescaping items...what better place to shop for them then your own home.
I hope you enjoyed your little peek inside my reality
Have a wonderful weekend!