Marriage Vows Tablescape

Spring tablescape while discussing marriage vows

I was reading  a blog post this morning about a husband hanging a burlap flag, and I got inspired by what the blogger said about marriage and if her hubby knew what he was in for when he married her.

and I got to thinking about Marriage vows.

 I always thought there should be quirks put it in the wedding vows. Little excerpts totally specific to the wedded couple. Like mine for example:

Do you take this woman if she smells like paint thinner or mulch, instead of perfume?

 Will you love, honor and lift heavy furniture 20 times a year, even when you're old and grey?

Do you take this woman who will swipe your drill bits and leave them in her kitchen drawer where you’ll never think to look?

A funny retrospect on marriage vows

 Will you love, honor and renovate whenever she needs?

Will you love honor and cherish this woman who will blog & garden all day and serve you frozen pizza for dinner?

Do you take this dumpster diving woman because she loves free stuff and YOU'RE going in after it?

Marriage Vows

Will you love honor and whip out the credit card for a fab piece of furniture that she has NO IDEA where its going, YET?

Will you take this woman who will make YOU to kill the spider, but SHE'LL kill your drill battery?

 Will you love honor and bathe the kids when she's busy on ANOTHER furniture refinishing project?

Do you promise to keep your truck full of gas, so she can drive 3 hours outside of town, because of a free furniture on craigslist??

rattan wicker chargers for a spring tablescape

Will you love, honor and risk electrical shock to move a light switch?

Will you love, honor and give up half your garage for her "projects"?

Butterfly napkin rings on a spring tablescape

Will you love, honor and take this woman to Ikea or World Market that's over an 50 miles away....just "because she wants to go"?

marriage vows tablescape - a comical look at marriage vows
Wow, the "Will you take this woman" sayings are almost like "You might be a redneck" jokes.

You got one? Let me hear it!