Entryway 3.0 Tour


Soooo by now you have guessed from the collage above that, I made some changes in my entryway...

Want to know what the voices in my head were saying?

Bad voice: Why do you keep changing things?
Good Voice: Because change is updating, giving things a new life

Bad Voice: Yeah but it was fine before, there was nothing wrong with it
Good Voice: Will you stop complaining...change is good, it keeps things fresh and new
Bad Voice: Fresh? we're not talking food or fruit here...stop changing the subject....why do you change things constantly?

Good Voice: Because I like change
Bad Voice: Well I don't

Good Voice: Yes you do, you just don't know it
Bad Voice: Uhhh, excuse me?

Good Voice: Archie Bunkers Living Room!
Bad Voice: <looking confused> What about it?

Good Voice: Would you want to go see it just for laughs?
Bad Voice: Yessssss, and?

Good Voice: Next time your paying the mortgage, imagine that you're paying it.....and THAT'S our living Room......every......single.....day.....

Bad Voice: Ok Fine, just warn me next time....please!

Good Voice: Ok, Now your just taking the fun out of it

OK, time to shut the voices up and show you the good stuff..
 I used my antique cheese box, because it's a favorite piece...a crock I found a few weeks ago that is also becoming a favorite...

I cut up some burlap landscape fabric and used it as a matte for the two pictures...

A wood finial from Tuesday Morning, a burlap flower from Hobby Lobby

My olive bucket...also a fav!
I cannot wait for Fall.....to roll up blankets in one and dried Hydrangeas in the other one...

OK, I can wait a little longer for fall....I'm still spending a lot of time outside in my flower beds.....and loving it!
 Another garden post will probably be coming in the next week or so...different flowers and bushes are starting to bloom again....yeah!

 On the bottom I used an antique box found during a Zanesville Ohio trip. A lantern hubby gave me for Christmas. The wood table runner he made me out of pallet wood and a pic of my youngest, whose now 18...
Ok, time to start closing out my post...
 You realllllllly don't wanna know what the voices are saying about me getting my laundry or sweeping done today...