Purple Overload Tablescape

How are you dealing with the heat wave this past week? 

It's 95 degrees here in the Midwest with the local news crews shouting "air quality alert!".

"People and Pets stay indoors!"

Danger Will Robinson! Danger! Danger!

So I have been stuck inside a lot lately.

I need to make a sign, that warns hubby I have been stuck inside ALL AFTERNOON! I could be productive, a good homemaker. Vacuum, wash dishes, iron his underwear, polish the light bulbs.

<snort> Yeah right! 

Purple tablescape with rusty and rustic touches

 I have house tweaking to do...things to move, to update, to paint!

Vacuum? It's gonna be there tomorrow, and the next day...I say PPppfffPPffPfPf!

purple tablescape ideas

purple tablescape ideas

Merlot table setting for spring

I love my dog
I love my dog
I love my dog

I wanna shave my dog!

But she is enjoying the A/C too.

And the birds and bumble bee's? They're freaking out, literally! As I type this, 3 birds and I don't know how many bumble bee's have pinged/banged into my front windows.

mixing vintage and rustic decor for tablescape

Are they trying to get to me, cuz I haven't filled the bird houses lately? Are they trying to break in to enjoy MY air conditioning comforts?

Do they need freaking sunglasses?

They're screaming like the lambs, LET ME IN, IT'S HOT OUT HERE!!!!

purple table setting ideas

and it's only 8:30 am...and it's already 90 degrees

 PING!  4 birds....

That HAS to hurt! I'm trying not to laugh at them...but I can't help it.

I. uhhhh, think I better go do a traffic controller thing out in my front yard. Or go fill the bird feeder, poor things. I'll wave nicely as you fly by to go find some shade.

The rattan placemats and Merlot sign are thrift store finds  The burlap flowers and large metal flatware are Hobby Lobby

Square purple dishes are Big Lots, the round ones are Old Time Pottery about 14 years ago
Wine glasses are from Menard's
Water glasses are World Market
Wood finial and purple place mats are from Tuesday Morning 


The cheese box and grain sack were from a local antique stores
Ping! Ok that's 5 birds that just got the wind knocked out them...

Time to fill the feeder.

Take care!