Mid Summer Garden Stroll 2013 - A Flower Showcase

I thought you might appreciate some flowers....from the comfort of your favorite chair and with the A/C running...

It's such a gorgeous day out here in NW Indiana....I couldn't resist playing in my yard

Taking some photos...dead heading flowers...dead heading? kinda sounds like a punk band doesn't it?

I still have some wonderful spots to fill in with blooms, so I am waiting for those awesome "end of season sales"...my all time favorite place is getting ready for their $5.00 shrub sale....so my garden gloves are ready sister!


The nursery tag on this Phlox says "Lipstick Lollipop". 

Love them!

and when I snipped 2 and put them in a vase, they turned a gorgeous dark purple!

Love this shot....

all the different heights, colors and textures. Love to improve this with some all season blooms but this is a partial shade section, so roses won't work...so I am patiently waiting for my invincible hydrangea to pop up...I wish the words "grow dammit" was like fertilizer, because it was, it would 6 feet tall by now.

Yes I am an impatient person...

A 4th of July shot. Hubs is insistent that we follow flag rules, so until it's lit up at night, it only comes out during the day.

Love the way our home looks with the flag....

think we are going to have to light it up!

Hope you enjoyed your visit