Backyard Blooms a Summer Garden Tour

Backyard Blooms a Summer Garden Tour

I shared my front yard flower beds a couple of weeks ago, now I'll give you a walk through my backyard.

 As far as I am concerned the Oakleaf Hydrangea is a showstopper...

and my all time favorite.

 I can't remember if it's ok to prune the blooms off to bring them inside.....If you know please share. I wanna cut it before it turns papery brown to enjoy the blooms inside. But I still want it to bloom next year...

 Backyard Blooms a Summer Garden Tour

Guess I need to start writing this stuff down...


Like this baby above, she was moved last fall to be closer to the house....she came back beautifully, but next year she will go back to be 7 feet tall and 4 feet wide.

Every time I look at her, I think: sorry sweet pea, still can't remember your name.
 Backyard Blooms a Summer Garden Tour

I have evergreens sprinkled throughout my yard. I quickly learned by my 2nd winter that there's nothing more sad, than a barren garden.

Hence, I try and have some junipers, gold mop cypress or arborvitae to have color year round.
Plus, if we get an ice storm, these babies look like ice sculptures.
That's beautiful to me.

I have some moving and re-locating to do and hopefully I get to do some today...the small burgundy bush is called Summer Wine Nine Bark and (just to the right of my arborvitae) is doing ok, but usually by this time it should be 4 feet tall, with blooms, so she'll get moved outward and the daisy's will go inward.

Backyard Blooms a Summer Garden Tour 
Another beauty I can't remember her name, I planted a pack of 25 cent seeds in 2012 and every year she pops up in different spots...

and they get huge and overpower everything else, so I clip her and put the blooms in vases.

Backyard Blooms a Summer Garden Tour

I love all the different colors of Evergreens

Many years ago I saw the next 2 photos in a library book, and took a photo for inspiration.

and below is the 2nd inspiration photo 

back to reality, my backyard

Backyard Blooms a Summer Garden Tour 

My "Summer Wine Ninebark" isn't doing so good but I relocated last year, so maybe it'll perk up next year

I have an "L" shaped line of evergreens behind the garage (Arborvitae) that hide the stuff we can't fit in the garage. Our motorcycle trailer, the grill in the winter time, etc.

Hubby and I recently built the border wall up in the back so it's about 24" tall. I have a serious crabgrass issue, and hopefully this will help.

Backyard Blooms a Summer Garden Tour 
My Peegee hydrangea tree just starting to bloom.

Thanks so much for your visit, if you need me, 

this is where I'll be today.



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