Dining Room Update 2013

 The Dining Room is decorated!

Well it's not complete, but it's darn close!

I have a small list of things I still need:

a rug
my dream table
something for the last blank wall 
deal with the problem closet opening in this former bedroom off the kitchen (it's 27" wide and 39" deep, I'm thinking of either ripping it out entirely, or a home made barn door, I can't decide )

 I am so proud of doing this, this is a room I am taking my time on, not trying to rush through in a weekend (I do that a lot)

so proud that I spent 2 hours online editing the photos before writing this post....which I never do! I don't blog to earn money

I blog because I have a big mouth and want to share it

I wanted to add some shadows to my pictures, to really add depth since opening both windows in this cozy dining room gave me glare like:
OK, like I'm sure you've dealt with

There is my blank wall...I'm sure I'll get an idea sooner or later. Or see something that just screams Hey Blondie, take me home! Me me me!


I set the table, with a little fall color. Not that I am anxious for Fall, but I am already trying to come up with ideas

Hardwood floors
one of a few reasons we bought this house.

underneath 1960's poo brown carpet was delicious solid hardwood floors in pretty good shape

Hubby and I spent many hours in here refinishing them in this room, and adding new base molding

Due to the small size of this room I can't buy a simple 8' x 10' rug, because it would cover up an A/C vent, so I may have to go custom or get clever.

Who knew it could be so tiresome trying to find a 6'x8'  or 7'x8' rug...

I noticed Pottery Barn offers custom cuts in some rugs, so that may be the route I go... 

I also noticed (ahem ahem ahem) that they copied MY outdoor dining table

Have you seen it? This is PB's, it's also in their latest catalog

This is MINE

 OK, my legs are a little different, 
let's not quibble...they copied me. I know it, you know it
they know it
I'm flattered, I admit it freely....
Imitation is the best form of flattery, right?

The gallery wall has thrift store finds and items I have around the house or family treasures...

My Grandfathers Arrowhead collection my Mom passed down to me...a wooden table runner, plate chargers and wicker baskets and trays

A thrift store find which hubby and my sister thought I needed to be committed to an insane asylum for buying

one can of paint and here she is....
#Neener Neener to all those shoppers who passed it up!

 I mean, isn't it a blogger law to never ever pass up a chandelier that costs less then an 3 people eating at a McDonald's?

a rusty metal churn I picked up at a garage sale

It will get finished one day...

but for now

Taaa daaa !


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