Oakleaf Table

Have you ever wanted to view pictures of anything..with just a tiny bit of chatter?

Well this is for you, it's been a busy week for me.

 I stifled the voices in my head this week with gallon after gallon of water.

and lots of walking, I'm getting back into shape

 My friend Pattie is inspiring, so I am trying to gear up just a tiny bit more so I can join her again on her long walks.

She makes it fun

I have a tiny surprise for you too....I bought a new front door so you'll get to hear about my tale of woe...course the way my life goes, it's more like...

"uhhh whoaaaa!"

I seem to have the weirdo magnet again....(sending telepathic notes and images to my BFF Lisa that say)

You need to take the magnet back now, so I'm sending it Fed Ex....

Talk to you soon!