Fall Living Room 2013

I thought I'd share some Fall touches in my living room with you..
and the fact that I moved the living room again...I honestly think I am getting closer to an arrangement that will last.....ok, last 6 months.

OK, I may be deluding myself but I know I'm getting close!

I found (by accident) a new rug...it was supposed to be for the dining room, but it just didn't work.

so things started to get tweaked, moved and waa pow, I'm moving the furniture again. Hubby is so great about this stuff now, he helps me move the TV and then escapes to the garage....That's love!
Course he has to do what I tell him, because I have some serious dirt on him!
He probably doesn't want me to mention it, but
you and I are close,
so I feel we can share.
Plus...it's damn funny!

He screamed like a girl.....when he saw a bug. Yes ladies, my Harley driving, tattooed, gravely deep voiced, 4 wheeling, truck driving man went Eeeeekkk! when he saw a 9" praying mantis.

Now if you ask him, he will say he came to see why I went "Oh wow!!" while trying to enter the house.... and when he opened the door, he was instantly greeted by a huge pair of bug eyes that were attached to a 9" long praying mantis that was 7" away from his face.... and this was no ordinary praying mantis

According to his manly scream, it was the dreaded oh so feared

"Jump-on-your-face-and-naw-your-nose-off" praying mantis!

Hide your hubbies ladies, yes, it's true....the mantises are coming!

It took me about 10 minutes to stop laughing...after he quit yelling "why didn't you tell me it was going to be right outside the damn door???"

Kill it Christine!
Yes Dear...<smirk>

 OK now for the fun stuff!
You get to celebrate my upcoming impending birthday...yes, my birthday....it's coming....
I'm going to be 45 uggghhh
and to celebrate I have a giveaway coming in a couple of days....all for you!
I have to warn you though, I am not going to have a huge list of rules you'll have to do to win, so I hope you don't mind...

So be sure to check back
Even if it's to make sure Mr. Mantis didn't have friends looking for revenge.
Who knows, there could be a bunny out back that has been expelled from the Disney Network for excessive force and watched his best buddy get murdered.
and now he is plotting a teeth gnawing revenge
Muaa Ha Ha Ha Ha 


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