Updating Wood Windows Part II

Here is Part 2 on how things are coming with my windows....
In Part One we took the old windows out and re-glazed them.

If you need a quick refresher you can view that post here

We removed the old trim and began installing the new primed and painted 1"x4" pine pieces.

First the sill ledge at your desired length...Hubby used the old sill as a template to show him where to notch out for the center window divider and outer edges. I lengthened my window sill by finding where the new casing was going to be and added 1 1/2" on each side for a total of 3" longer then  the bottom plate & side trim.

This is a cute shot, the trim wasn't nailed yet and it fell off, I just HAPPENED to catch a shot of it


Below is a shot of the new extended sill

I love the new look....it's bright, wider and so much more updated!

Below is with the outer vertical trim nailed into place....and as you can see taking down my old curtain hangers did some wall damage...which will be covered up by my new trim & crown molding
Thanks goodness!

The top 1" x 4" pine board was cut to be flush with the outer edges of my casing

Here is a the 5" wide crown molding added to the top, this is BEFORE I painted the interior underside of the top
and we still have to add 1/4 round for finishing touches, plus put the windows themselves back in
but that will be Part III

and some touch up painting when all is done

Below is a "almost complete". The windows are downstairs curing (both glazing and paint) but that didn't stop us from putting the curtains & blinds back up or adding some NEW Chandy shades that I found at Tuesday Morning....

Love the white molding!
Love the new shades!
This was my view this morning when I first walked in and it stopped me in my tracks...no bra and all.




Remember the before?

Now for the after....

How about that for a new view!
Updating Wood Windows
I'll take it!

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