Christmas Decorating Peak 2013

What does a blonde do when she isn't doing Thanksgiving at her house this year? When there is no menu to plan? Food to shop for? Tablescapes for 8 or more to do? She sneaks in a little Christmas decor.

Even is the kitchen window is still under her latest DIY project downstairs.
glazing and paint curing ever so freaking ssssssllllllloooooowwwwlllllyyyyyyyyyyyy
I know the windows are going to be great

when they are back in! 

Back inside the jambs in 6 months. 

Ok, so I am being dramatic, they will go back in soon. I just didn't really think it would take this long and the whole "patience is a virtue"?

It's never been one of MY virtues

So what's a blonde to do? She sneaks in some decorating.

Now all of these little peaks are early and nothing is finished.

The tree or table isn't done,

but walking in the kitchen last night with the tree lit shining, it gives me patience and it helps me breathe slowly. 

The table décor has been started.

It works for me.
Because with the temperatures dropping below 35 at night, it's definitely starting to feel like Fall is long gone.