Outdoor Holiday Light Ideas

I thought you might want some outdoor light inspiration....I have been searching for some outdoor holiday lighting and have come up with a few tips along the way.

So what kind of friend would I be if I didn't share them with you...

Tip #1: No electric company in the world will give coupons for December...but they have been known to send a thank you card to a favorite customer...so don't be afraid to keep it simple to keep costs down.
Even the simplest of lighting plans can be elegant and creative

Tip #2: Have a theme in mind....or at least a color scheme...If there is no symmetry or plan....it's going to look like you threw lights up in 20 seconds and ran back inside
 You don't want to end up on Huffington Posts "Most Tackiest Christmas Lights list"....like our friend below...
Sorry dude....but looking at it, it kind of tells me what NOT to do. I would definitely do the roof line and the front door in the multi colored lights. Move the yard decorations out closer to the mailbox and then light the mailbox. How would you fix it?
See the next pic below for a better plan....

 Tip #3: Know how many light strands and electrical cords you use/have without blowing a circuit. Sometimes simply using a different extension cord can keep you from blowing a fuse...Also, make sure you read the disclaimer regarding your exterior and indoor lights. When they say you can only plug in 3 strands....they mean it.
The new LED lights can have up 15 strands plugged into each other but right now are still ranging from 15 to 25 dollars per strand. By my calculations, that could take 4 to 8 years to recoup the cost of the lights on the electric I save....
another good source for researching how many amps holiday lights use you can go here:

Tip #4: Any electrical cords used should be tied, hung or taped in the downward position so rain or snow does not get inside it. I can't tell you how many times we have had to re-do lights because water got into the extension cord.

Tip #5: There are landscape and lighting companies that hang holiday lights, they often range in price....but from what friends have told me....minimum $1,200 dollars easy! It's cheaper to check out my "How to hang Christmas Lights" Tutorial which will save you hours...or rent a Man-Lift.

In my area they are $300 per day....versus over a thousand to pay someone? I'll switch to a man-lift when hubby won't do the ladders anymore.

Tip #6: Have some sort of movement in your lights. If all your lights outside are in the "continuous on position" have at least one large focal point that either fades in and out softly or blinks...it gives some action to your lighting plan.

Check out my Tutorial on how to hang Roof lights without using clips, that can battle windy blistery conditions here

 Do you have some outdoor tips for lighting outside?....