Where I Store My Dishes...a Tablescapers Dream

dish storage for tablescapers

Last week I showed you my chaos...

This week, I'm going to show you my nirvana

Where a woman with a dish fetish, stores her goodies for tablescaping.
 I freely admit that today

I have been sitting on my butt staring at these 2 cabinets
just SIGHING at how much I love the look
I'm also paying tribute to my American Indian Ancestors by modifying their rain dance 
So I filled a pitcher with Limes, Plums, Tulips and Hyacinth

 It might not be spring outside, but inside....

 Like at any given moment I can do a drive by dish-ca-pade and switch the kitchen dishes around
 I'm still figuring out (and dusting) what to do in the bottom portion of these 2 cabinets
 Below, I found 9 pieces of absolutely beautiful ironstone at a local thrift store
 Purple plates below - Old Time Pottery
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 I finally got one dish cabinet completely done with a mirror backing and glass shelves.

 Next I'll do my glassware cabinet 
probably by the end of summer <snort>

OK, maybe Fall
3 pieces of 1/2" polished glass is a bit pricey...but if you've seen the before shots
This is better
If you'd like to see the before you can view that HERE...

The sunlight from across the room slams this kitchen with more light then I'd ever thought possible and I did it without buying floor to ceiling windows or a skylight

and I make no apologies that we will probably have to eat Cereal for dinner because thawing something wasn't a concern of mine.

I did the placement of the glass shelves so that if the urge strikes
I can switch my dishes out
maybe add my purple ones
or Orange Fire King
Or my new white square ones
Happy Dance!

into a
Lets slap Mother Nature and bring on Spring dance
because I'm over the 6 degree temps that are currently outside....

It is

Now, I'll show you where I'm storing my everyday dishes 
Any dishes specific to Holidays are stored in plastic bins downstairs
these <giggle>I can grab and go

it will probably be napkins and rings 

5 pieces of white and 4 off white
so they're split up
below is the white with some purple and my flower dessert plates

Some animal print, 4 milk chocolate fiesta and the off white ironstone 

Below...my latest purchases
Square scalloped cake stand - TJ Maxx
Solid White square dishes - HomeGoods
Green - Tuesday Morning
White with purple flowers - Burlington Coat Factory 

everything else - thrift store/antique stores

 White Italian grape pattern - thrift store
Purple Square - Big Lots

That was my nirvana...What's yours?


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