Spring Gardening - A look back so I can plan forward

Taking a look back at what my Garden looked like last year and starting my Garden Plan for this year.

It's time to spring forward. Put our clocks ahead one hour, start our garden plans. What are avid gardeners like me going to plant what am I going to move to a different spot.

But there's one issue I can't get away from yet....

This IS my yard, but it's NOT my yard...

I have still have quite a bit of snow
covering all of the wonderful green stuff

If I remember correctly it's called grass

Alliums, one of the best show stoppers to have in your yard. 


I'm going from memory here because I haven't seen this view since...uhhh October!
But one day....it will come

it will turn colors

things will start to grow and bloom

and perfume the air
it will
it will
it most certainly will

I have faith

I don't have an OUNCE of patience, but I have faith!
There's already some different things going on with the porch....I have a new front door and storm door....which ironically enough is one of my highest viewed posts.

You guys must really love hearing the "Weirdo Magnet" episodes in my life...

As time passes for each one, I admit it 
They are funny

If you want to see that post you can view it  here....

I also purchased 2 rockers and a white ceramic stool for my favorite afternoon sitting spot

I'd share them with you but I'm still in denial about the white fluffy crap that's still powdering my front porch.

Next week it's supposed to be in the fifties...

I definitely have my fingers crossed that it happens!

So right now I am taking a look back at what things looked like last year.



Just to tide me over a few more weeks.

Japanese Maple Tree


If it does happen, maybe I'll be able to decorate my porch and snap a few pictures.

I'd even settle for having to do it in SNEAKERS. I'd settle for that.

I don't have to be barefoot right now.

But my feet are sick of wearing boots!




I figured since we all had to "Spring Forward" today....
It should also include the our yard.....right?
Spring Forward!