How To Make A Yard Art Candlelier

Thrift store makeover on dated light fixtures

Turning trash to treasure for the garden is a great way to up-cycle old lamps an chandeliers.

I found two very cheap lighting fixtures and decided to re-purpose them into something a little more fun and maybe even romantic. 

I started with a dated brass floor lamp and a typical 1980's chandelier. Both of which I got at my local thrift shop and ReStore. Below is a quick replica of the chandy I found. Sorry  got excited about doing this project and didn't get a good before picture of it before we took it apart.

Thrift store makeover

Turning trash to treasure

Once we had the floor lamp and the chandelier dismantled, we started playing with what piece worked where.

Chandelier diy

Chandelier diy

A couple of coats of spray paint later and I had a nice piece to work with.

Now at this stage I can add solar powered lights, or candles.

Or I can even glue some pots and have a really glamorous planter for some garden annuals.

do it yourself project

do it yourself project

I decided on candles for this project. So off I went to find something to hold tapered candles to my newly revamped lighting piece. And I actually found that plastic furniture cups work!

These are the plastic leg covers people buy to protect their furniture legs or floors from getting scratched up. The 7/8" inch size fit my tapered candles rather snugly, so they came home with me.

FYI - I found these at Home Depot for only a couple bucks a pack.

turning dated lights into a candlelier

A little E 6000 glue later

diy project

Updating a dated chandelier

I experimented with paint for a bit and did a quick white wash on it so it would pop outside.

How to make a yard art candlelier

diy trash to treasure

do it yourself project updating dated lighting into yard art or trash to treasure

DIY garden art

I can see this thing getting repainted almost every year depending on where I put it and my mood, can't you?

Adding garden interest with a diy chandelier update

Updating a dated floor lamp or chandelier

garden art or yard art

Updating a dated floor lamp or chandelier

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