Late Spring Garden Tour 2014

I finally finished editing all the photos I needed, so now I can give you a tour of the front and backyard flower beds. 

Hubby actually went and microwaved hot dogs because he couldn't wait any longer for me to get off the computer. He must have skipped lunch poor thing!

Oh well, he likes hot dogs.

Lets start with the back yard...

We have been relocating about 7 arborvitaes to hide the male testosterone sight of hubby's motorcycle trailer from the yard and so far it's working!

Late Spring Garden Tour

This bed used to have a lot of Biennial seeds and now they're not coming back so I am now adding perennials that last a lot longer.

Late Spring Garden Tour

Spring Garden Tour @

My Wine and Roses Weigela is really making the hummingbirds happy as well as the gardener.

Supposedly this version blooms twice a year so we'll see.

Spring Garden Tour @

A little photo bomber joined me. I think this is a mama bird waiting for me to get away from the birdhouse so she can tend to her babies...

This bed at the back of the house is a work in progress....the arborvitae is a newly transplanted baby from behind the garage.

As you can clearly see I am trying to obstruct the....uhh redneck view of the neighbors yard. I wish he was into gardening like he was talking! That man is a Chatty Matty let me tell you.

The small river rock below is going to be a the new border, but a touch of sun burn is keeping in me indoors until I can finish it. I am not liking the bricks so they're going bye bye!

 Below, frost and a bunny got a hold of my annuals...the little brat, he's too darn lazy to eat the squirrel feeder out front!

Maybe one of them will come back.

Below it looks like my oakleaf hydrangea is really slow to leaf out but each day I am noticing more and more leaves. Thanks goodness because this is one of my fav's!

My clematis is really taking off this year, the trellis is actually 2 feet too short, but I am making it will get a trim soon.

Spring Garden Tour @

I haven't addressed my outdoor dining area yet...things have been a little hectic around here but hopefully soon!

OK, now onto the front yard.....

I've said it a hundred times and it's still true...

There is nothing like the sight of the flag on the front porch.

When this area fills in is going to be spectacular!

I have already 4 women stop and ask me what the yellow plant is....

and wouldn't you know I knew the name for them but now it escapes me.

Lenten rose below....otherwise known as Hellebore.

Very pretty small winter rose. 

 I think this little beauty is called Love In A Mist...

 My Alliums....another car stopper

You'll see behind the outdoor bling my little hydrangea sprigs are coming up...grow babies grow!


For those of you that read my front door weirdo magnet episode from last summer (if not... you can read that here of my most laughed at posts) I had hubby add a piece of white trim to the bottom of the new looks much better now

Below is one of my shade I have the Japanese cut leaf maple, 3 different varieties of hosta and columbine...and some small daylilies the previous homeowner left behind

Well, that about does it for the tour for 2 more months things will really start popping so there will be another one when the daisy's and hydrangeas start showing up.

Thanks for coming by and if you'd like to sit on the porch with me I've some great raspberry tea for ya!