Where a Tablescapers Stores the Goodies

Have you ever wanted to peek but thought you'd get caught?Well I am giving you permission!Also because I am joining the The Tablescaper in her 
Where do You Store It All Party....

 In my free time I have been trying to get as much tablescaping stuff in one spot so it is more accessible. This room many years ago used to be my sons. And years after living with his Dad he has moved back home so he got the larger guest room...Mommy didn't give him his old room back. 
Trust me he was happy, his new room is much bigger!
This is what I call my office
I scored 2 wonderful cabinets at a thrift store so most of my non everyday dishes fit in here

Now we move over to the closet....
I bought a few more shoe racks to store placemats and bins that hold glass beads, moss rocks, all that tiny little vase filler. On the shelf above I have the bigger stuff.

You will also know that I went on a huge decluttering mission and loaded up my SUV 2 FULL times and got rid of so much clutter that when the same thrift store sees me come in, they yell:

Oh Thank God, grab that big stocking cart, she's back!"

and then I have to disappoint them and say no....here to shop!

 As you can tell I am getting serious about chargers....love them!

 Table runners are also stored here....I use almost anything for a table topper. I even have one pillow sham with tassel trim that I use.

Now I'll take you to the Kitchen where my everyday dishes are...

 There is something about the mirror backing and glass shelves...
Trust me, every morning I walk in this kitchen and see this cabinet...

I am in love all over again!

  Another inset cabinet that the Original Owner who built our ranch style house (a Carpenter) tucked in the wall cabinet for extra storage...Its deep and kind of hard to get too because I am only 5'2" but a chair or hubby usually helps out when needed

This is candlesticks and miscellaneous items that I am "thinking of letting go"

If it stays in here untouched for 6 months....it goes.

 and lastly I have 3 floating shelves in as you walk in the back door...and here storage is in plain sight. 

Plus hubby's stuff too...Love the flashlight sweetheart.

A thrift store buffet holds my napkins and rings...
It was a lovely poo brown so I painted it. Now don't get too worried, this was not solid wood...
It's press wood. So painting it was easy...
I sometimes balk if furniture is real wood...

 Well that's it for the tour....hope you enjoyed it!
Don't forget to join me in the Table It Party tomorrow morning...the one main rule is as long as you have any kind of table viewable in your post....you can link up!



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