Garden Art - A Flower Chandelier

Chandelier Makeover

Garden Art - A Flower Chandelier @
It's that time again for another inspiration filled Yard Art Project for your yard.

  Garden Art - Chandelier Makeover @
I know everyone is up-cycling their old chandy's into new solar light fixtures, but I need some color in my life.

So I decided to turn mine into a flower pot.

A flower pot with style.
Garden Art - A Flower Chandelier @
Trash to treasure - recycling an old chandelier
The old rusty chandelier I have had for about 2 years now, it was bought at a church rummage sale for 2 bucks.

The globes came off the hallway lighting in our house when we updated some fixtures. You can see that DIY update here

Garden Art - A Flower Chandelier @
So all I had to buy was the glue and a few annuals from a home improvement store and 10 bucks later I am ready to get started!
Garden Art - A Flower Chandelier @
Trying to glue the globes got a bit tricky due to the chandy not being completely stable. So I used a small bowl to stabilize the arms, so it was as level as possible.
Then gave the glue 24 hours to dry.
Spray painted the chandelier white and added some flowers.

Garden Art - A Flower Chandelier @
You'll notice the rocks holding the stand upright, due to the weight of adding the globes and flowers The black stand is a lamp base I bought last year at a yard sale.

I ripped out the wiring and asked hubby to weld a half circle where a light bulb should be for hanging things.
Garden Art - A Flower Chandelier @
I have 2 other ideas on where I can hang this baby, so if you drive by my neck of the woods, don't be surprised to see this thing hanging from a tree, or on my front porch.  
Garden Art - A Flower Chandelier @
If I make another one of these I will use larger ceiling fan globes for the flowers. Once these petunias and coleus have run their course I will probably use succulents. 

That way it's less watering and more room for plant roots.
Garden Art - A Flower Chandelier @

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Garden Art - A Flower Chandelier @



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Unknown said...

I am obsessed with repurposing old chandeliers. I made a hummingbird feeding station out of one and will be making an off-shoot of this planter in the post, but with a twist! Adding fairy lights to it!! Keep the ideas coming!