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Rattan Blind DIY Update

Rattan Blind DIY Update.....

Yeah; that might be kind of misleading. What it should read is "Rattan Blind Update............Maybe".

You see, this all started because I have sent away for so many blind samples (over 30) and shopped for a blind (15 stores in town) to replace the one in the LR that broke...and the closest I have come still doesn't match.
And due to a stupid Pfffhtt return policy....

well I ended up with a huge 57" wide blind that doesn't fit anywhere else in my house. So I decided to try some paint and my hand at stenciling...

Here goes nothing!

 I did a dry bush technique of white satin paint with a primer in it. No sanding, I just tossed the blind on a large table and used a 3" wide brush.

I was careful not to load a lot of paint on my brush due to the fact that drips would go through to the other side.

I bought 2 different colors of purple paint and a stencil I liked at Michaels...plus a small pouncing brush..
I know the brush is probably got a much more beautiful and functional name to it, but I like "pouncing brush".

And now for the tedious but fun part.

Patience was key here let me tell you...
Because after doing about 12, I was ready to start rushing...

At this point I am loving it....the stencil is showing up nicely...much better then I thought given the fact that I am painting rattan slats and not a solid surface

Can you see the two different colors?

Here it is with one stencil, two different colors of purple; all hung up.


Night time...

 I think it needs one more paint treatment with a totally different stencil....I saw a second stencil that would work, give it more dimension...But at this point I'm not sure how it would look as a whole...every blind painted this way. I have 4 more blinds to do....maybe?

What do you think??

The only other option I have is to buy all new blinds for the Living Room...

When pulled up this morning, it is framing a really sweet view tho!

I am going to leave it up for a few days and ponder...But here's some full LR shots so you can get an idea of my decor...

No laughing. I didn't do any staging, dusting or vacuuming...LOL

This is my reality as of 5 minutes ago....

Tell me what you think!


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