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DIY Projects
DIY Projects

Cobalt Blue and Brown Fall Tablescape

Fall Tablescape for Entertaining Family or Friends

Cobalt Blue and Brown Fall Inspirational Tablescape

I am loving all the non traditional colors people are using for this year for Fall Tablescapes aren't you? This season is way more then just the colors of the beautiful shrubs and trees we are using blues and greens. 

33 Stylish Black & White Kitchens add Drama on Hometalk

Rustic0refined.com kitchen board on Hometalk.com

There is something about a kitchen with some color that adds such drama and a look that is never seen before isn't there? Now don't get me wrong, white kitchens can be gorgeous too. But color? Color can really amp it up a bit you have to admit. 

Fall Garden Tour Showcasing Sedum and Hydrangeas

Fall Garden 

Fall Garden Tour @ Rustic-refined.com

I finally got some time to do a Fall Garden post showing you some of the colors in the front yard. 

I had this post in my head to do it on Friday but what do we say about making plans? Yeah! lol I got hit by that Home Depot breach.... which hit them, then it hit my bank account. Big headache there! 

Tablescape for Fall using Purple & White

Fall Table Setting 

Let's just jump right in with a white and purple Fall tablescape and what's new with me ok? 

Ok, good. 

The weirdo magnet is back and it's not my fault. 
Ok it is my fault. I changed my profile picture on all my social share accounts, blog, facebook etc.

That's what I did, I changed from a picture of dishes to my face. I admit it, ya caught me! I had no blonde idea it would lead to an argument via email with a total stranger.

I'll spare you the word by word play just suffice to say he wanted to talk undergarments and leave it at that.

Well I am sorry! But I have to be in the right frame of mind to discuss underwear ok? 

I mean, don't you? And to discuss mine with a stranger on the internet? Yeah that's not gonna happen any time soon 

K sparky?

Now I know when you blog, you expose yourself to all kind of public scrutiny and sometimes pissy comments from hateful people. I accept that, I can handle that. But if I ignore your email which is asking me questions to which I deem none of his damn business and you send a 2nd email really defensive about being ignored...well, ya get what you deserve.

Cuz I know how to bite.

I am still finding the whole situation quite comical actually for a grown man (oh god, I hope he was grown!) to try and argue thru email. 

How exactly do you type angry? 

Capslock? Slam the keys down on the keyboard until they scream in pain? 

Because that's what he said..."I'm typing angry!" to which I replied...Uhh no; you're freaking nuts. 

"How can you deny the carnal cosmic connection between us? I am drinking in the sight of you" 

to which I replied: "The only thing I think you're doing, is sipping stupid, K? Ya need to lay off of that. Bye bye!"

Are ya laughing? I hope you are, cuz I was! 

Ohhh well. Another weirdo episode dealt with, laughed at and to remember.

I did a simple and quick table this week for Fall using some of my favorite white dishes, a purple felt leaf charger and rusty colored leaf napkin rings.

I cut some hydrangeas from my bushes in the front. This year they have turned such a gorgeous hue of pinks and reds. I took some pictures so I will share those either tomorrow or friday for ya! 

But for today, it's just a quick weirdo magnet episode.

and a simple but pretty tablescape.


Fall Decor in the Entryway & Living Room using Purple

Fall Decor in the Entryway & Living Room using Purple

Time for a Fall tour in my Home

Well it's a balmy 52 degrees here and the trees are turning colors and so is the interior of my home. The wonderful thing about my love for the color purple...is it goes so well with Fall. This year I am trying to expand my horizons and explore the amazing choices of orange, mustard and rust. Ok, yes....... they compliment purple beautifully, but let's just stick with the theory that I am exploring new colors. 

Renovating our Kitchen on a Budget

Budget Kitchen Reno

Kitchen renovation on a budget using the existing cabinetry

I did some updating to my kitchen and decided to do a complete post on it from start to finish.  

When we first bought our ranch home in 2005 it had gold appliances that we replaced with stainless steel ones, so our budget was able to get stretched pretty far.

Rustic Fall Touches to the Front Porch

Porch Decor for Fall

Fall porch decor

I got busy today really early this morning adding some Fall touches to my front porch. 

Fall Leaves Tablescape

Fall Leaves Tablescape @ Rustic-refined.com

The leaves are starting to turn colors in NW Indiana and the nights are getting just a touch cooler. I can feel it coming....

So a Fall leaves Tablescape is just what I need.

How To Make a Rusty Burlap Nest for Fall

How to make Burlap Nests @ Rustic-refined.com

Ok I know I am normally not posting crafts on my blog, I am all about Tablescapes, DIY and Gardening but I figured who doesn't like burlap? Since nests of good quality seem to be a bit pricey I decided to make my own.

And I figured you would appreciate how I did it...

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