Demoing a Kitchen Pantry–Part 3

Kitchen Pantry diy project

Kitchen Pantry Update - Part 3

Frustrated. Stressed out. and filthy. That describes me, my clothes, my home and my attitude. I envy people/couples who can point, click and say that is what I want and pay for it without a care in the world for budget.


I hate that damn word. It is limiting, totally arbitrary and probably made up by a MAN. When I came up with this “BRILLANT” idea, my goals were:

1.  Move the pantry.
2.  Storage for the broom, mop, vacuum, etc.
3.  Hide the microwave.
4.  Hide the Garbage can.
5. Use stock cabinetry.
6. Let more light into the hallway / entryway.

Well, that is causing this blonde to be extremely frustrated. Me, irritated, mad and getting sick of the choices and compromises. 

I am a passionate, stubborn, opinionated person who knows what she wants, likes and especially hates. I also operate on the premise that even function, should be stunning. But when you factor in I live with a man, who also knows what he likes and dis-likes…there lies the issue. 

Compromise. Another word I hate.

Being fair, the Kitchen is my domain. My work area, I do 90% of the cooking in this kitchen and 96% of the cleanup. I am being extremely fair, because a person turning on an oven and dropping in a frozen pizza isn’t considered cooking a meal. At least in my opinion, that isn’t considered cooking. Not even when I do it. Frozen pizza in my house, is when I don’t feel like cooking.

Below I am going to show you some of my dilemma’s/issues/frustrations aka “couple discussions” that are going on in the Rustic & Refined House.

First option –

Two (24” wide x 24”) pantry's on the ends with stock base cabinet and 1 upper in the middle.  The drawbacks – no broom, vacuum storage and most likely the microwave ends up on the counter unless we move an electrical outlet. Also, I have a fear that the trash can won’t fit in the center base cabinet. Unless I buy a small one. Which means the trash gets taken out every darn day. Not liking that idea either!

Likeable scale – 1 to 10 – I am at a 5. Meets all my goals? Nope.  

Kitchen Pantry diy project

Second option -

Four stock 18” wide x 24” deep pantry’s from Menard’s.

Pro’s – Meets almost ALL my goals. Garbage can gets hidden, broom and vacuum also get put away and I have lots of pantry storage. Plus storage for dishes, glassware, anything I need.
Con – The microwave. Ahh yes the big fat metal glare, focal point, that I want to hide in my kitchen. Or at least not put it on eye level, like it’s suppose to be a focal point. Uhh no. That’s not stunning.

Kitchen Pantry diy project

So lets talk moving the microwave, ok? How about putting it in a more functional, and not directly in your eye line when you’re in the kitchen? Because that’s my thinking. If it is out of your eye line off the counter, it will look a lot more attractive. Take a look below at the 30” wide drawer cabinet and imagine a cabinet tweak, please.

By taking out the 2 top drawers and inserting a smaller black or stainless microwave here, and the far pantry’s on the other side of the kitchen, I have now met every goal. There is electrical in that wall, so an electrical tweak or aka addition would need to be added to our “To Do List”. That isn't the issue hubs brought up, though.

He doesn't like the idea of having to bend over to use the microwave.

Kitchen Pantry diy project

Insert female frustration here. Here I thought I came up with a genius idea and his argument is he doesn't want to bend over to grab his plate filled with corn dogs or a bowl full of re-heated chili? 

Is that really a valuable argument? They have to see a corn dog cooking, because bending in half can cause some kind of male injury? No wait, I get it, that should be a testicular free zone with no radiation!

Third option – (hubby’s favorite)

Menards stock cabinetry – One 18” wide x 24” deep pantry, alongside one 60” long base cabinet  with two 30” upper cabinets above.

Kitchen Pantry diy project

Drawbacks -
Microwave will end up on the counter, AGAIN. (eye roll)
No room for vacuum, broom, etc. (I can live with that and use guest bedroom closet)

Where to put the trash can. In the long base cabinet?  I doubt my existing 15 gallon (think that’s the size) kitchen trash will be functional, because in order to throw things in the trash can, you have to have at least 6" to 9" of height clearance to drop stuff in there. Or put it on a pull out slide.

So I'd have to buy a small one, which means trash goes out every single day. (really not a fan of that) Or put it in the ONE pantry cabinet I have and lose food storage. Booo! 

Also; the idea of putting a (albeit) small hole in the countertop to allow for the electrical cord for the microwave? Ick. Not pretty, and the microwave cord isn’t 5 feet long so where it goes, it stays. Ick! Ewww, Pffft, I hate that idea. Remember the original goal, hide it or build it in?

Fourth -

ok, now this one…is starting to look like a contender. This beauty is sold at a local furniture store that sells strictly unfinished solid wood pieces. That for an additional price can be finished similar to our kitchen cabinetry. (or I could do it - bonus!) 

Unfortunately, they changed their hours for the winter and are no longer open on Sunday, so I had to wait until Monday (today) to go check it out. 

They also do not put prices on their site, so cross your fingers. Because this store can be pricey and if I drive the 2 miles over there just to find out one (36.5 x 16.25 x 72) piece if $1,200 bucks?  I am going to cry.

Kitchen Pantry diy project

If however, this piece is say in the $500 to $700 range for one. I would gladly (increase my budget) buy two and drop them into the new space and call it a day. For me? I am at a 9 on the like scale, and a 9 on the goal scale if I can have two. I haven't seen the inside yet or the price. 

I know the goal of some stores is to have a website they don’t have to update because they have to pay people like us for every update, but no prices? Seriously! and no pictures of the inside? They're killing me.

Which I may just point out when I go this morning for my long awaited visit!

But, if the stars align and everything works, I am already styling up the inside with baskets, cutting boards, and food in one and cleaning supplies plus a small 1 cubic foot microwave in the other.

Fifth option -

Uhhh, I have not come up with one. Yet.
Wish me luck on option 4, I am going in!