Demoing a Pantry | Updating a Kitchen Pantry Part 1

Demoing a Pantry | A Kitchen Update

DIY Project - Taking out a non-functional closet pantry and replacing it with a more functional one.

What does a blonde do when she’s trapped under 2 feet of snow? She plots, plans and wants a brighter more functional entry into her kitchen. So the existing pantry is being demoed and a new one installed on a different wall.

This view below is my hallway. Where I am standing to take this picture, the front door, is behind me, and the living room is to the left. The kitchen, is on the other side of that door and entry. To try and explain how weird this one corner is….

The only way I can think to explain how wonky it is, is to say in order to get from the living room to the kitchen, you have to make a series of turns, almost like a “W” just to get into the kitchen. or four “L’s”. Plus, wouldn't it make more sense to walk into the front door and see the all the way thru to the kitchen?

Demoing a Pantry | A Kitchen Update

So, if you look at this photo below…and move the doorway to the kitchen to the far left and wall up the old entry.

Demoing a Pantry | A Kitchen Update

and take out the cabinet above the microwave that is 5 feet off the ground and not functional….and install wall to wall cabinets. That large niche with cabinet doors, is built into the empty head space created by the stairs to the basement, and to get glassware or dishes out of it? Is really not functional. Especially since I need a chair just to reach more than 5” inside.

Now, you know what we're up too Smile

Demoing a Pantry | A Kitchen Update

So instead of seeing this pantry below from the vantage point….you will see the front door, entry and the living room.

Demoing a Pantry | A Kitchen Update

Now this is not an episode of Kitchen crashers where we start smashing with sledgehammers and just get to go crazy. I have dishes, mirror and glass shelves in my kitchen. Plus, we want to make sure we only damage what we are willing to repair….

So we are going a little more slowly then the demo gods. I am marking what walls are going, and using a hammer slowly so we know what is behind the walls before we go crazy.

We are still demoing on the side of caution and budget.

Demoing a closet to make a wider entry into the kitchen

I bought a 48” wide wire shelving unit to hold my pantry items, and when we buy new cabinetry, it will get moved to the basement for storage.

Demoing a Pantry | A Kitchen Update

Demoing a Pantry | A Kitchen Update

Demoing a Pantry | A Kitchen Update

Goals for this project:
24” wide x 6’ tall pantry with pull out shelves.
24” wide x 6’ tall broom | supply closet. (for broom, mop, vacuum)
Create a custom spot for the microwave to be built in.
Use standard in stock cabinetry and stain to match existing cabinetry.
Have the new entry at least 46” wide.
 **if we can have a coffee bar complete with mugs, and all the trimming to go with it….Bonus**

Stay tuned!



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