Decorating A Small Front Porch

Decorating a small front porch

Decorating a small front porch certainly has it challenges. 

Every time I walk into a store or the garage I see something that I can put outside on the porch.

Decorating A Small Porch

But it’s not big enough to hold everything, so I have to be selective. Which I hate. Every time I start to add cushions or pillows, I really want a long epic front porch with white columns and enough space for 4 huge rocking chairs. A couch, more chairs, tons of plants both colorful and aromatic.

Porch decorating ideas

But, by the time I am done washing the porch off, sweeping the cobwebs and of course placating the dog; I am glad I don’t have a huge porch.

Oh, placating the dog? Shadow & I usually spend a couple hours a week sitting outside together, so when I go out there without her? She lets me know she’s pissed.

Using black rockers on the porch

Spring Summer decor on the porch

Woof, woof.
Snort, Woof

Shady front porches

That means “uhhh mother, you forgot me” in dog speak.

Southern porch decorating

She doesn’t quite understand that if she is out there laying in her favorite spot, I cannot walk around tweak things.

Especially sweep or hose the porch down. She is not a lover of water.

Decorating A Small Porch or Patio

Decorating a small front porch without spending any money. By using what I already had, I managed to decorate my porch using a color scheme consisting of purples, greens and black.

But it is cozy enough for two adults and one 75lb hairball.

So I’ll take it.

Decorating A Small Porch or Patio

It has been raining/pouring all day and the sun finally poked out long enough to snap a few quick pictures for you.

Porch decorating

It felt really good to be outside today, even if it was sprinkling off and on.

Porch decorating

Have you been able to do any decorating or gardening outside in your area?