Entryway Update ~ Rustic Style

Entryway Decor 

I was finally inspired to tweak my own little corner of the world.

My entryway

Adding that farmhouse style with rustic touches was right up my alley with this antique door I scored.

I took the mirror down and removed everything so I had a clean slate. Then asked Mr. Muscle to carry the antique wood door from the dining room to its new home. After that it was just a matter of deciding what went where.

“This” was over there, and “that” used to be on the right side, now it’s on the left. Doo-hicky there, was on the top now it’s on the bottom. You get the idea. 

The final version only took me 4 tries before I felt that feeling. You know the one. That feeling that says “oh yeah”, “like that”.

“That’ll work!”

The Quality Control Inspector came by to inspect my work and make sure it was up to her standards.

My 80 lb photo bomber

Then the lunch whistle sounded and she disappeared.

I found a better home for my new chicken feeder. I may just head outside and clip some flowers and put them in there.

To make the dog happy of course!

That's it for my small corner of the world for today. Hope you enjoyed the quick tour of my entryway and come back to see what I am doing next!