Trash to Treasure – repurposing a lantern into garden art

Yard Art 

Yard Art Project, turning trash to treasure @

Trash to treasure. One of my favorite things to do when I am not gardening. Turning something broken into something beautiful.

If you have read my blog you know I love lanterns, and living south of Chicago, I have to contend with windy conditions. Wind + lanterns equals broken glass. At least around my house, that is what it equals and this poor thing was on the front porch. The porch is supposed to be a safe zone. Least it was.

So when the last 2 pieces of glass broke on this tall lantern, my first thought was we need to move.  After my frustration left, I came up with a better idea, Garden art.

broken lantern

I asked Greg weld this to a post and went peeking into his scrap metal pile so we could tweak this so it can be repurposed.

A couple pieces of rusted fencing and two 24" pieces of flat steel later and I have this.

Trash to Treasure. Using trash or broken items and turning them into Garden Art or Yard Art.

Can you see this baby rusting away and come Christmas filled with holiday greenery and lights?!?

I can!

Garden art

For now I stuck in a thrift store vase and some cut flowers and Hosta leaves for interest. 

It’s not going anywhere now, wind or no wind.

Garden art or Yard art. Repurposing a Lantern instead of throwing it away

DIY Yard Art

On the right hand side I dangled some burlap and let it fray. I am also thinking of adding long pieces of aluminum chain to it as well. I think the silver metal contrast will look great, especially after one winter and this baby starts to patina into rusty gold.

Garden Art

Actually, after seeing this big momma in her new home, I am thinking she needs a baby sister. Smile 

Yard Art - re-purposing junk into art for the garden

Thanks so much for dropping by and remember. Don’t throw it out, recycle it into garden art!

Yard Art - re-purposing junk into art for the garden