Blue & White Tablescape for Summer

Setting a blue and white tablescape

Setting a blue and white tablescape that has a cooling and serene effect on a hot summer day.

The dog days of summer are here in full force. The heat and humidity are keeping me indoors after about 9 am. I don’t want to even talk about the mosquitos when I get to look at this cool colored tablescape.

Blue and white tablescape

Coastal inspired tablescape

I used my blue leather placemats and white square dishes to remind me of the beach and a salty breeze. I should pick up some coastal décor the next time I’m at my favorite haunts. But every time I stand and stare at a starfish or a bag of shells and sand I wonder how many times I’ll use it again. Living in South Florida when I was younger I obviously was inundated with the coastal theme.

and plastic pink flamingos 

White square dishes in a coastal inspired tablescape

I blame the flamingos

White square dishes in a coastal inspired tablescape

Blue leather placemats for a beach inspired table setting

Don’t get me wrong, I loved living in Florida. Going to the beach in my suit with a book was almost always free, unless I had to pay to park.

Or alcohol was needed.

Sunshine 355 days of the year…

Can’t beat that. It does seem however that the humidity has followed me up here to Yankee territory.

So I am puttering around inside, seeing what trouble I can start or stay away from.

How are you dealing with the hot days of summer?

Blue & White Tablescape Collage