Summer Garden Tour with Hydrangeas, Daisy’s, Phlox, Coreopsis and Much More

Summer Garden Tour with tons of beautiful color!

Red Coreopsis Flower

Red Coreopsis

Cape Daisy

Pink cape daisy’s in the background and lipstick lollipop phlox in the foreground.

Black Night Bluebeard Caryopteri in a Summer Garden Tour

This is a new baby I bought. He is called; get this:

Black Night Bluebeard Caryopteris

Now you know I am never going to remember that name!

Rudbeckia in a summer garden tour @



Black eyed susan’s and a peegee hydrangea tree

No idea what this baby is because I didn't plant it. It might be a weed or a gift from the birds.

This one, again I have no idea, I think Pisser is back to stealing my plant tags again.

Japanese Maple tree, more cape daisies and a new transplant from the backyard a miniature oakleaf hydrangea

Phlox (lipstick lollipop)

A new comer I just bought for 2 bucks. Franz Schubert – Phlox

Some more daisy’s. I’m starting to think I went a little phlox and daisy crazy last year.

Pink mop head hydrangea

This white hydrangea is a pinky winky variety, and she’ll turn a glorious pink in a couple of weeks for fall.

More new comers I bought a couple of weeks ago. 2 purple mop head hydrangeas.

Purple or black heuchera, just perfect to add color to any shady spot.

And that’s it for what’s blooming right now. Thanks for taking the garden tour with me and hope you enjoyed it!



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