Fall Antique & Junk Stroll - Part 1

Junk and Antique Shopping

Every year in NW Indiana, there is a “Fall Stroll” that a few Antique and Junk dealers take part in. Below is the 5th Annual Event that I was invited too. Cash in hand, I gladly went!

My first stop was Bar D Bid Antiques in Demotte, Indiana. While I was there I had to get a pic of her chicken coop.

Yes this is a real working ranch!

Salvaged Treasures

I took so many photos of the two stops I made for this event, that I had to split this into two different posts.

So here we go!


This beautiful tobacco basket you see below, followed me home.



Junk Finds

These sconces below, intrigue me. 

I know I could have come up with an up-cycle idea for these babies.

Best Places to go Junking in Indiana

Best Places to go Junking in Indiana

Check out the large galvanized minnow bucket. I am now wishing I had picked that up too.

If it is still there the next time I go, it most likely will follow me home.

Best Places to go Junking in Indiana

Wrought iron bed frame on the upper corner….How sweet would that be as a bench?

It’s a full size.

Best Places to go Junking in Indiana

Salvaged Ladders

Architectural Salvage

Architectural Salvage

Salvaged Fence Panels

Architectural Salvage

Rusty Junk

Rusty Junk

Beautiful rusty milk can. Least I think it’s a milk can, correct me if I am wrong.

Architectural Salvage

Antique Ammo Boxes

Antique and salvaged junk found while shopping in Indiana

Gorgeous Antiques for Sale

Lots of cool vintage and antique stuff to drool over.

Junkin at a Indiana Ranch

The solid wood door below, is one I don’t expect to stay in her shop long.

Wouldn’t that make an epic barn door? Believe me, if I had a place in my home, it’d be in MY home!

Salvaged Barn door

Antique and rusty hardware found on a shopping trip

Salvaged junk shopping

Below, is was an epic find in my opinion. I have shopped all over the Chicago land area and Indiana and have never seen one of these. I think a family friend was interested in this baby, so I wouldn’t be surprised if its gone.

It is an antique Fireman’s Water Tank. (think that's what you'd call it)

Antique and Junkin Trip in Indiana

Antique Toolbox

Salvage and Antique Trip in Indiana

Antique & Junk Trip in NW Indiana

Shopping for Antiques in Indiana

I hope you enjoyed Part 1. Stay tuned for part 2!