Simple & Easy Fall Table

Setting a fall table the quick and easy way, using what I already had around the house.

Fall Thanksgiving Tabletop ideas

It looks like I am doing both Thanksgiving & Christmas Dinner at my house this year.

So I decided it was time to start planning my table for Thanksgiving. It is going to have to be simple and easy to accommodate the food.

Tabletop decorated for thanksgiving or fall

Thanksgiving Tabletop

I prefer to have my food on the table when I am having a small family get together for the holidays.

Easy centerpiece ideas for Thanksgiving

Quick and easy Fall centerpiece

Rustic tabletop decorating ideas

That keeps people at the table and great conversation flowing.

I may be looking at 6 to 8 people for dinner this year, so the food and the table may turn out to be a simple one that once the wood cake stand, and the salvaged table leg is removed?

I have room for food.

Thanksgiving Table Setting Idea

Rustic Centerpiece Ideas

While out shopping recently I overheard a conversation between two women. One was arguing with the other that it was justified if she went over her spending budget.

Cheap and easy thanksgiving table setting ideas

Because it was for a holiday and it would make her guests feel more welcome if she bought “this”.

I made a face and “she” glanced at me, asking “Don’t you agree?”


Quick and easy table setting

The devil is in the details. Maybe a detail is a handmade treat for your guests to take home.

A $2.00 picture frame with a photo of everyone sitting at the table to commemorate your time together?

A nice warm hug when you greet your guests and a cocktail?

The hugs are free!

Since when does the amount of money you spend, correlate with how much people mean to you?

Autumn Table Setting Idea for the Home

 Seriously! Have you ever in your life left a dinner party and said

I am not coming back here again. She didn’t spend enough money on this party? Where’s my hand wrapped chocolates gold leafed from Switzerland?

I haven’t

Autumn - Fall Table Setting

So maybe simple and easy and a warm hug is what’s needed for this table.


Fall Thanksgiving Tabletop ideas