How to widen your blog in Blogger

How to widen your blog so your pictures fit.

How to widen your blog so pictures fit on blogging platforms

A tutorial to show how to widen your blog post in blogger or your sidebar.

Step 1 – click on “template. See the orange button that says CUSTOMIZE? Click on CUSTOMIZE.

Blog tips and tricks - How to widen your blog so pictures fit

Step 2 – on the left hand side see ADJUST WIDTHS. Click ADJUST WIDTHS. (You have not made any changes to your blog yet so don’t panic yet) 

Its more painless than you think!

(For the sake of this tutorial, I am using a test blog not mine. I have a custom template installed on mine. With custom templates, some of bloggers features are turned off. So I would not be able to show you what the next screen would look like. Hence the test blog where I test out all ideas before I upload html code to my live one)

Blog tips and tricks - How to widen your blog so pictures fit

Step 3 – now you see two sliders. One is for your blogs main column. Where your posts and pictures are shown. The lower one is for your sidebar. Take your mouse and slide the cursor at the top to at least 1020. You can go wider….its your preference and your blog. My advice would be to stay under 1200 pixels wide. If you want to widen your sidebar too, you can use the slider at the bottom and make it 320 or 330….again my advice is to stay under 400. With a blog you want most people to be able to see your entire blog on their computer or laptop screen without having a scroll bar at the bottom.

See the pic below? Where it says Rustic Decor…that will be your blog and it will show you what exactly it will look like BEFORE you make any permanent changes. (There is a scroll bar on the lower right hand side so you can scroll down to see more of your blog.

Widen your blog the easy way!

Once you find a width that fits your pictures and sidebar to your taste….Click APPLY TO BLOG. Its an orange button in the upper right hand corner. Don’t like the width or you change your mind….just click BACK TO BLOGGER at the top….and don’t save anything. Easy peasy! If you click apply to blog…..
Ta Da….you just widened your blog so your pictures will fit and not overlap your pretty sidebar!

Blogspot tips and tricks - How to widen your blog to make your pictures fit.

I hope the tips helps!