Christmas Decorations in the Dining Room

Christmas Decorating | 

Christmas Decorating

Christmas decorations in my Dining Room, boy am I excited to show you this room! I admit that this holiday décor has been done for a week. But as I predicted, the minute I called it done, the Sun disappeared.


For a week!

I tried a few times to edit the pictures using picture editors but they still looked bad.

At least in my opinion they did! So I had to patiently wait.

Let’s start with one wall in the Dining Room. I used a piece of wire and hung a galvanized bucket normally used for plants outside and wired it to my Tobacco Planter and inserted some faux holiday sprigs.

Tobacco basket

This corner is one of my favorites!

If you look closely at the ceiling I having hanging votive holders and icicles hanging down around the tree topper.

Tip: I used “T” Pins directly inserted into the ceiling drywall. You can find them in the sewing section of any department store. And no, there are no holes to patch in the ceiling, but weight is an issue so don’t think you can hang almost anything. I didn’t have the hand strength, so I did have to use a hammer to tap them into the drywall.

Christmas Tree Decorating

I have metallic signs hanging over the drapery rods that say Joy and Noel.

Had to dress up the drapes!

Christmas Decor

The skinny tree is amped up with cut up swags of icy garland. Woodsy animal ornaments and cute polar bears.

Pieces of burlap, and cut up grapevine are also inserted.

Multiple Christmas Trees

Holiday Tree Decorating

Skinny Christmas Tree

Holiday Season

I couldn’t leave the chandelier hanging

Sorry, bad pun!

She got a swag of small icy garland that had white berries on it and white tassils

Farmhouse Holiday Decorating

Beautiful Holiday Trees

Curtains decorated for Christmas

The large grey and brown triple heart art piece

man is that hard to say. OK the large piece of artwork got 3 small wreaths so the holiday theme is on almost every wall.

But I kept it small on this wall, so people wouldn’t be bumping into anything.

So now I can call the Dining Room done. I hope you enjoyed the tour and stay tuned for the kitchen and all the Holiday Tablescapes I have planned!

Dining Room decorated for the Christmas Holiday