Hot Cocoa Station for Christmas

Hot cocoa anyone?

Is there anything better that can warm you up and say Merry Christmas then making them a homemade hot cocoa?

I think not!

I hope it you like it rich and creamy

Using an old fashioned recipe, I pre-mixed my cocoa with sugar and used an apothecary jar to display it.

Now all I have to do to warm up my guests, is heat equal parts milk and condensed milk and add the cocoa
and we are drinking the chocolatey goodness!

You can't have hot cocoa without marshmallows.

I also gave my family the choice of candy canes or chocolate truffles if they really want a chocolate fix

Hectic holiday season?
Yeah, a lady is going to need some truffles.

How many cups would you like?


Hot Cocoa Bar for the Holidays

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