Top Blog Posts for 2015

Top blog posts for 2015

First and most important let me say I am thankful for you.
For laughing, and showing your support through the 2015 trials, bugs, dirt and many many cuts and bruises.

Taking a walk back through some of my favorite or highest viewed posts from this year....

It's fun to reflect back and see what we have shared, and been through together. You saw my humor, 

my frustration

my reality

My need for a constantly evolving home

Let's start with the Kitchen and getting rid of a dated pantry closet for an updated Butler's Pantry.

Kitchen Pantry Design

The dust....O M  G  the dust.

Kitchen Pantry Design

The Mars vs Venus cabinet debates! If couples stay together during a demo project like this....

They can now consider themselves "war buddies"!

Kitchen Pantry Design

Kitchen Pantry Design

Spring tablescape for bunny's

The good weather, good health and garden beauty

Getting back to basics.....white paint will never go out of style

Interior Design - Rustic Style Entryway

Yummy summer food! I still love this recipe and make it.

It's good anytime!

Reality - dirt.

Dirt is always a reality. 
and plumbing.

Well it was quite a year for demo, dirt and drainage wasn't it?

Let's bring 2016 in with a bang shall we?

Wishing each of you a healthy and happy New Year!