Fairy Garden Inspiration

Fairy Gardens of every kind, showcasing the tiny art of Gardening.

Take a trip with me to the Garden Nursery for some Fairy Garden Inspiration. I admit it, this redneck

thinks they're cute, and adorable.

There I said it.

Yes this rusty, crusty junk lover,

devout Industrial decor with somewhat modern decor likes Fairy Gardens.

I feel like I am betraying the junkin / Industrial world everywhere.

Kind of like I should just go buy a malibu barbie and be done with it. But you have to admit, they are adorable.

Fairy Gardens of every kind, showcasing the tiny art of Gardening.

Cottage style fairy garden house

Stepping stones
they actually make stepping stones for tiny little gardens!

Oh and that's not all. Who wants a nautical adventure thru Mermaidville?

Ok, I made that word up, we can call it the Pirate's of the Caribbean Garden.

Pirates of the Caribbean Style Fairy Garden

Day at the beach?

Day at the Beach style Fairy Garden

Fairy Gardens

Did you miss it? Look back up
an itsy bitsy tiny fountain!

With a power cord for pete's sake!
So water trickles out of it!

It made me mad to see that creation, and they didn't plug it in.

I actually had to stop myself from finding an employee and demand that they turn it on for me.

I mean, seriously. What a tease.

How about a school house Fairy Garden? Complete with tractors, shed, buckets.

Swingset, sides? My barbie dream house wasn't even this complete when I was a kid!

Fairy Gardens with a school house theme

I literally felt like I had been jipped a a child and almost broke out the ol' credit card to appease the 9 year old girl.

But then the 47 year old with grey hair saw this beauty....

Cherry Tree in Bloom

That tree is something to shoot for. Walking around the nursery I saw a lot of things I wanted, needed and laughed at.

Like this:

Hawaiian style fireplace

Its a little "Joe vs the Volcano" for me but it is a piece to get guests talking and laughing, that's for sure!

Tons of choices for me to choose from. But I am trying to stay to native grasses from Indiana.

That way my watering up close to the house won't be an issue.

I almost bought elephant ears....but in my area they are an Annual. 

Or a bulb I would have to dig up in the Fall and replant in Late Spring.

That is too much work. Plus I know me.

Digging them up before cold weather hits? Yeah, I won't do it.

Another purple Annual I had a hard time leaving behind.

I may get a few and put them in pots for decoration. Its called Purple Velvet 

Purple Velvet Flower

This one, this is called "Shrimp Flower". It's a tropical and a topiary.

Loved it!

Tropical Flower called the Shrimp Flower

Spring flowering Shrimp Flower, a tropical colorful plant

How about a modern version of a chia pet...with succulents.

These guys are adorable!


Well, that was my trip to the local Nursery. "G" and I finished laying 6 more pavers for the sidewalk, so pictures will be coming soon.

I am hoping to have the new garden bed finished first, but we shall see what the weather and my wallet bring.

Have a great weekend!


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