New Backyard Garden Bed

New Garden Bed using Native Grasses for Low Water Usage

Backyard sidewalk project and new Garden bed can be called done. The native grasses are planted and the beginning of having a backyard oasis has begun.

"G" and I spent yesterday taking up more old concrete. We decided to try and do at least 2 chunks of concrete a day instead of him hurting himself trying to get it done in a weekend.

Prepping a new garden bed

So I got outside early this morning and leveled the bed and started laying plants out to see what I liked.

I bought 4 Reed Grasses (Karl Foerster) for the back and 3 Ribbon Grasses (Strawberries and Cream) for the front.

I played with a straight line effect and then pondered a staggered line.

In the end a straight line won. Simple, brings a touch of formal to this garden bed. When these puppies grow up, it should look great.

new garden bed - planting low water usage plants

new garden bed - planting low water usage plants

As you can see there is a different kind of oasis going on by the back door. All the old pavers laying in a "Waiting for a new Home" pile.

I am contemplating on re-using them for a landing for a industrial / Rustic potting bench I have in mind.

But to be honest, as much as my back hurts hauling mulch, and broken up concrete?

I am going to pull a Miss Scarlet and say

can't think about that right now. I'll think about it tomorrow.

Startup plants in a new garden bed

Reed and Ribbon grasses

Flowerbed with native grasses

The Reed Grasses in the back row should only get about 5 feet tall and 3 feet wide. Which usually means 6 feet tall and 4 feet wide when fully grown. So they should help disguise the "function" part of having internet and power to the house.

This is my first time planting native grasses. I always buy flowers. I admit, it took a bit of mental coaxing to not fall back on coneflowers or daisies.

Anything with a flowering bud!

Native Grasses

Garden flower bed showcasing native Indiana Grasses

It's a nice change though.

Reed & Ribbon Grasses in a garden Bed

Planting native grasses for water conservation

The Ribbon Grass in the front row should only get about 2 feet tall, so I should get some good contrast when things fill in a bit more. The only thing that's need now is some Ibuprofen and a nice alcoholic beverage.

New garden bed added using native Indiana Grasses called Ribbon Grass and Reed Grass.

This is how I spent my day, how'd you spend yours?