New Sidewalk DIY Paver Project

weekend diy project, adding a new paver sidewalk

For a weekend project, we spent it installing our sidewalk in the yard using large concrete pavers. 

We still have some tweaks to do, plants to add to this area and 2 pavers to re-level, but this is pretty close to being done.

As far as a sidewalk goes, anyway.

Laying a proper sand base for a paver sidewalk

"G" used string in several locations, to keep things level and straight. I didn't start really snapping pictures, until the sand base was laid.

adding a paver sidewalk for a weekend diy project

I went thru quite a design process in the beginning and did make some tweaks, so that there is a staggered "W" effect on the ends. 

My thinking is one day when we get to add a patio, it can integrate rather nicely. 

Adding large concrete pavers for a diy sidewalk project

 I will say I was somewhat surprised by the quality of the pavers (found at Lowe's). They weigh approximately 45 pounds each, not the 65 stated on their website. Also, even using a rubber mallet to help pound them in the ground, we did experience some breakage.

paver sidewalk

modern sidewalk design using concrete pavers

diy project you can do in one or 2 days, adding a new sidewalk

 Below, you'll see us getting close to the finish line. My sister gladly came over to help. Due to the breakage, we lost 3 or 4 pavers.

Plus due to my final design change, we came up 6 pavers short to get to the backdoor.
We decided to try an experiment using the existing paver brick we already had in place.

diy project you can do in one or 2 days, adding a new sidewalk

I didn't know if I was going to like keeping the existing pavers, but truth be told?
After I had been inside for ten minutes with a cold drink, one glance out the window told me a big fat no.

So I will go back to get more and lay them by the back door.


Quality Control came by quite a few times, inspecting our work and gave us 4 paws up.

Using large concrete pavers for a diy sidewalk project

 A new screen door is something I will be on the lookout for as well. This one has had it, plus it's ugly.

adding a new sidewalk with large square pavers

After sitting down to take a much needed rest, "G" says going 3 pavers wide would look better. I'm inclined to agree, but I am not going to be doing it today!

Adding a new sidewalk for a quick weekend diy project

Adding a new sidewalk for a quick weekend diy project

 The existing concrete that was tied into the driveway, was cut up last weekend. In preparation for today. My goal is to stagger and direct people thru a future gate over to the right hand side closer to the house. I am still keeping a garden bed in this area, only much bigger. I plan on using low water plants in this bed. Garden grasses, hopefully native to Indiana.

paver sidewalk ideas for the home

  Where my rustic table is, that hubby made me?
There will be a 5' aluminum fence there in the future with 2 four foot gates in the center.

For lawnmower access.

paver sidewalk ideas for the home

Well, that's what we did on Saturday.

How was your weekend?

How to add a new sidewalk

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