Spring Tulips Blooming in the Garden

Tulips planted in the Garden

Spring tulips in late spring

It's not Spring time until the flowers start to bloom. Last Fall I planted some Tulip bulbs, just to see if I had what it took to get gorgeous blooms.

Guess what popped open just a day ago!

And can you also guess who has been eyeing them?

Like I do, when I see a good looking Rib Eye Steak?

rabbit in the garden eyeing my tulips

Another sign that Spring is here in my little neighborhood, is me.

Running outside
no bra, in my jammies

"Bugs, you buck tooth brat, get the Hell away my Tulips!"

Japanese Maple Tree

I am on Bunny watch for now, but I thought I'd snap a few shots, just in case.

So here are two colorful things giving me some gorgeous Spring color.

Spring garden showing a Japanese Maple Tree

Spring blooming tulips

I now have evidence of the potential thief for the cops.

Because if these stunning flowers disappear?

I will be dialing 911. 

garden pink tulips

And putting up wanted posters, as well as turning Blitz loose with his fangs bared.

Fall planted tulip bulbs that bloom in late spring

Spring Garden Color with Tulips

I don't mean to be disrespectful to the bunny community,
but if he requires a meal every now and again?

I'd be more than happy to leave him a plate of whatever he wishes.

Just leave the tulips alone and nobody will get hurt.

Garden predators and spring flowers

Tulips; flowers that bloom in late Spring

I remember saying a quick garden prayer, last Fall. In the hopes that I planted these right.

And it appears I did, so the next time I see tulip bulbs I will be buying more.
Trust me!

Purple tulips

Easy to plant spring tulips

Low maintenance flowers for spring blooms

Low maintenance flowers for the garden

Update on how the sidewalk is coming for our backyard - 

I was in full digging mode yesterday, to layout the location of our concrete pavers. When "G" came home, he happily joined in as we talked about how his work day went.

So I will keep you informed of our progress.

And if you see "Wanted" posters all over the internet for Bugs, then you'll know he got to my flowers before they made it to my table.

Low maintenance flowers for the garden