DIY Porch - Patio Update Adding that Ranch House Style

DIY Updates that add a ranch or rustic feel for less money

The front porch update is done. We covered the outdated wrought iron column with cedar lumber, adding that rustic ranch style.
For less than $200 !

I am so excited about this project, if any of you have ever lived with a large eyesore that is dating your home? You will understand why I loved getting this done!

Here is what my front porch column used to look like.

Updating a small front porch or patio in a weekend

"G" used a grinder and cut off the metal railing. It is currently being re-fabricated to fit back in its original location. Plus getting a new coat of paint. The old column used to have the leaf and scroll work all through the inside of the column. I had "G" remove it but alas that was years ago, before I started blogging, so no pictures showing how truly ugly it was.

But I think you get the idea.

For the sake of not hiring an Architect or Structural Engineer we opted against removing the post completely as it does support the roof. 

So for less than $170 in cedar 1" x 12" x 8' lumber?

We covered it. I would highly recommend this type of update if you're on a budget and cannot get an informed opinion on structural support.

Updating old iron railing to add a rustic style

"G" used screws that could tap into metal and secured each 1"x12" piece right into the metal column. Don't worry, once he adds the decorative trim, you won't see the screws.

I'd tell you the exact name of the screws he used, but alas I cannot find them.

Once done they probably went down into hubby's testosterone screw sanctuary, that only a man would know where to find them.

Adding cedar porch column

This DIY project took about 6 hours to complete.

Adding cedar porch column

Creating a rustic front porch

Once we purchased the lumber, we had a decision to make. To "box out" the column, creating a 12" square, or follow the "L"" shape of the original column.

Since the width of the original metal column was 10-1/2" inches wide, we used 12" wide cedar. "G" cut the boards to fit and using clamps created the box. Upon seeing it, I knew that it did really dominate the cozy porch. Plus it did look too big for it.

So an "L" shape won that argument.

Creating a ranch style front porch

Using his air nailer, he stapled the outside edges of the boards for additional strength.

Creating a ranch style front porch

Then added decorating trim at both the top and bottom.

Creating a ranch style front porch

Now the question is:

To stain or not to stain. I am contemplating adding a dark brown stain and protective coat to preserve the wood and keep a nice rich brown color.

Plus also add it to the steps so they can go girly and color coordinate!

Creating a ranch style front porch with cedar lumber

Creating a ranch style front porch with cedar columns

Adding that joanna gaines farmhouse style

Next on the to do list is put the railing back and add two stair rails.

Then I need to get the flag back up. I am thinking of putting it where the house numbers are and relocating those to the mailbox.

Adding that joanna gaines farmhouse style

This is how "G" spent some of his weekend, I on the on other hand spent it relocating a few plants, pulling weeds and doing what I love. I admit it was a long weekend for him. Saturday morning (early) we were at my sisters installing her kitchen cabinets. 

Rustic DIY porch project

tulips in the garden

I am loving how nice it turned out!

Rustic DIY porch project


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Red said...

This is wonderful! I had not thought of following the "L" of the iron instead of doing a square post. Do you have any pictures from the "house" side of the post to see how that is trimmed out? It looks really proportional they way it's done. Thanks for sharing your project.