Early Spring Garden Tour

Allium bulbs in fill bloom. A showcase of early spring flowers in Garden Zone 5

Relocating shrubs, flowers and arborvitae, plus digging in the dirt. 

That's what I have been up too for over a week now. 

My nails are so chipped and broken, that I have man hands. I am going to have to stop buying flowers and buy some fingernails!

Midwest Gardening Tour for Early Spring 2016

Ok, the prettiest view right now for me, is right here.

The alliums have bloomed. This is one of my favorite parts of the Garden season. These bulbs are always a showstopper.

Allium Bulbs

After these beauties fade, I am going to transplant the bulbs to the front of the garden bed.

Right now they mainly border the inside - sidewalk side.

How to plant bulbs for spring

How to plant bulbs for spring

One of my garden babies that got a transplant was my largest hydrangea bush. I've had this Tardiva variety for about 10 years now and she used to be up against the house.

Now she is in a more visible part of the bed. It does look like she is suffering a bit of shock, so I am babying her with lots of hugs, watering and a few prayers to the Great Spirits.

She may not flower this year due to us moving her, but next year I'm sure she'll rebound.

When to transplant a Tardiva Hydrangea

The oakleaf hydrangeas I relocated from the backyard to here, already have leaves on them.

So they love their new home.

Gardening in the Midwest using Japanese Maples, Oakleaf Hydrangeas and bulbs

Bordering a garden bed with large boulders to add a cottage style or rustic feel to the garden

Gardening in Zone 5, Midwest gardening with rustic style

How to add yard art into any garden

Gardening using native plants to the Midwest US

The bachelor Buttons will also be replanted. After they're done blooming. If I moved them now, they'd hate me.

At least I think that's what that flower is called. Pisser stole my garden markers again.

I give up on that boy I swear!

Bachelor button flowers in a Midwest Garden Tour

Spring garden tour for 2016

Early spring garden pictures

Using large rock to border a rustic garden

One thing I am pleased to announce is the solar powered 3 light system I bought last year

still works! Plus, I never brought inside, so it tolerated being outside during winter.

That's pretty good for only paying 50 bucks for it!

Using solar lights in the garden to highlight flowers and add security to your home

Peony Bush getting ready to bloom for early spring

Creating a shade garden with interest and color

"G" moved the large Evergreen Arborvitae that used to sit dead center between the windows.

I had him move it right behind the large hydrangea bush. 

We will be working on the plumbing pipe hopefully in the next couple of weeks. Creating that extension for the river creek bed to really pretty up this area.

It does seem to working out beautifully that having the sump pump water re-routed to the dryest part of our yard was a good idea.

We've had quite a bit of rain this Spring, and usually can't cut the backyard, because it's too wet.

Not anymore.

I still have my trash to treasure yard art lantern in the front. 

I am trying to come up something to put inside of it. Last year I had a vase and would fill it with cut flowers.

Yard Art for the Garden

Do you know what I love best about gardening season?


I need to buy or make a gorgeous hammock, so I don't even have to clean up to take a nap. I can just lay down ten feet away from I just got done digging, and snooze away to the sounds of the birds!

Have a great week and please don't forget to pin me!

2016 Early Spring Garden Tour showcasing Bachelor Button Flowers and Allium Bulbs in perfect bloom.