Late Spring Garden Flowers

Garden Photos

Garden Photos showing you what's blooming for late spring.

I am happy to announce once thing in my yard seems to be going right.

Garden Photos

My peonies are blooming.

Peony bush - Garden Photos

Peony Blooms

Today I am going to get outside and clip them to bring them in.

I have to do a tablescape with these beauties!

Pink Peony Flowers

Pink Peony Flowers

3 peony bushes out of the seven I have? Have blooms or buds on them.

 At least something is going right. Best laid plans.

Speaking of best laid plans, a quick update on how the River Creek Bed Project is going.

It's not.
Insert sad face here. We tested out diverting the water run off (from a sump pump) into a trench and unfortunately due to the clay soil, it would not drain quite fast enough. 

Still no luck. Needless to say water takes the path of least resistance, which was toward our basement.

We woke up last week to a large puddle of water in the basement. 

So, we redid our trench design, farther away from the house and "G" dug the trench deeper, going almost 4 feet deep.

Still no luck. 

It's a DIY fail.

So to end this long and tiring DIY guinea pig test, it failed and the trench got filled back in. I can laugh about it now (ok, almost). We are right back to where we started with a small plastic pipe going straight out to the street with the runoff, only this time, "G" dug a very small trench, inserted the 1-1/2" pipe and then we covered it back up with grass. 

The only way we would have gotten the drainage needed, would have been to bring a bobcat home, dig a 8 foot trench and fill it halfway with rock. Oh well, we tried right?

Peony Garden Photos

Back to what does work, because this is a lot prettier!

The wine and roses weigela is blooming, so I may cut some of these too for a flower arrangement.

Flowering bushes in the garden 

Flowering bushes in the garden

Garden pictures

My light pink peony is budding, so I will have blooms in a day or so. 

It's a nice way to put a smile on my face, let me tell ya!

Peony bush

Plus, my transplanted baby oakleaf hydrangea has buds on it also, so in a couple of weeks I'll get even more flowers. Thank goodness!

Oakleaf Hydrangea

Another peony in the front garden bed is giving me blooms.

In the background you can see that the trench has been filled in, in preparation for mulch and

on a more positive note, least I have an excuse to buy more flowers right?!?

Peony pictures

Peony pictures

Garden pictures

That's what's blooming for me today, give me some more good news and tell me what's going on in your yard.