Rustic & Refined Tablescape

Spring Tablescape with fresh flowers.

Rustic Tablescape

I am celebrating people!

My peonies bloomed this year, so I had to use them in a spring / summer tablescape.

That way after the blooms have faded, I can still enjoy them year round with these pictures.

Spring Tablescape

Summer Tablescape

I clipped a few small branches from some flowers in the front yard. The leaves are just speaking to me, with their soft silver color. I know I had the garden tag next to the plant, but it seems to have walked off. It should produce some flowers in a couple of weeks, so maybe once that happens, I will be able to research the name.

Tablescape with a romantic feel

I think they compliment the peonies beautifully. Everything looks so soft and romantic. I also have some of the soft pink peonies clipped, they burst open yesterday.

Romantic floral centerpiece

Peony Floral Centerpiece

Spring Summer Tablescape

So expect another peony tablescape, because I am going to make the most of these treasured blooms!

Tablescape using fresh flowers

Tablescape using natural elements

Pink and white tablescape

I kept the plates and stemware simple. I wanted the focus to be on the centerpiece.

Moss balls and peonies in a tablescape

I drove to a local home improvement store the other day via a Indiana backroad, and what did I see?

A home that had a front yard filled with peony bushes. When I say filled I mean their must have been at least 50 peony bushes! Plus the bonus of no grass to mow. Every square inch of her yard (or his, it could be a man) was a glorious peony garden. I promised myself that I would try and get my "To Do List" done early today and go drop a nice note in their mailbox, saying Thank you for the stunning views.

And asking if they need a room mate.


Spring or Summer Tablescape with peonies

or at the very least they might let me photograph it!

Last month they had it filled with irises and their blooming flowers, so it seems like a huge monthly thing, where the entire yard blooms in irises, than peonies. I am wondering what's coming next month!

Rustic & Refined Tablescape

I am going to get my day started, so you have a sun filled sweet day my friend!


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