Patio Decorated for Spring

Adding touches of Spring to the backyard Patio.

Adding touches of Spring to a backyard patio

Warmer temperatures are abound here and I am spending it outside. So decorating my patio in the backyard for us to dine in rustic style was the only thing on my to do list today.

Plus to enjoy the cloudless sky!

Backyard patio decor for spring

I mixed galvanized metal with clay pots and plants with a few rusty touches.

Rustic and refined patio decorating.

In this blog post you are not going to see any critters or Blitz running around. While running in and out with goodies I wanted to play with, I had my fill of what I like to call

Dog Tripping

The door opens, he wants in. I walk out, he wanted out. When he tried to eat my rattan tray, I called it quits and banished him to the grass, to go find a dirt clod.

Which seems to be a favorite dish of his lately.

Patio decor

Farmhouse decor on a backyard patio

I kept the back table simple and uncluttered. That way when dining outside, I have a place to put it.

I admit, it was difficult not to fill it up with rusty or galvanized goodies.

Summer decorating ideas on the patio with farmhouse decor or rustic touches

Spring decorating ideas on the patio

Patio decorating using rustic decor

With all the Gardening or DIY chores we have been doing, it felt good to add decor to the outside dining area.

Making it feel more like an extension of the house.

Patio decorating using rustic decor

Patio decorating ideas for Summer

Patio decorating ideas for Summer

Mixing metal and rust for a industrial - rustic look

decorating a backyard patio for outdoor dining.

I found the 10' rectangular umbrella at Old Time Pottery. Umbrellas seem to only last here in my backyard about 2 years. It usually has to do with either the rope that raises/lowers the umbrella or the wood pole.

This one has a plastic pole with a cranking mechanism. So for $50 bucks, let's hope I get 2 years out of it. 

patio decorated for spring

I still want to put in an arbor / roof structure made out of huge cedar or steel beams and then have retractable shade sails.

That way I can have shade or sunlight, depending on my mood or outside temperature.

But that project is down the road, way down!

rustic decor added to the backyard patio

Well, it's 72 here and not a cloud in the sky. I am serving cocktails at 4 and dinner at 6.

Outdoor dining on the patio

What ya drinking?