Decorating the Entryway for Summer

Decorating a Small Entryway 

Entryway Decorating Ideas

Hello Friends!

With temperatures getting warmer, so are the colors in my Entryway. This time I tried to challenge myself to use a dominant color that I have never used before.


Decorating my Foyer or Entryway is one of the quickest ways to add Summer touches to my Home. 

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Everything that was added in here I already had. Which surprised me. Usually when I do these personal challenges, I end up spending $$$.

But I already had everything i needed, so color me surprised!

Entryway decorating ideas

foyer decorating inspiration

Most of the orange accessories were purchased 2 years ago from Big Lots and HomeGoods for Fall. But I hope you'll agree that this is a color scheme that could be used year round.

foyer or entryway decorating

I told "G" last week that to improve my photography skills, that I would be buying a tripod for my camera.

He looked at me like I had 2 heads!
I just stared back, thinking to myself: "you'll get over it, it's $30 bucks".

He got up and disappeared for about ten minutes, coming back with a dusty tripod.

Now I was the one looking at him, like he had two heads.

"Uhhh, where'd that come from?" Thinking I knew every item in this house from basement to attic.

"in the basement"


"Yep, remember the kids first Christmas here? I bought you a video camera to record them opening their presents?"

"I remember the video camera, yesssss"

"Well I also bought you the tripod that went with it, remember?"

Apparently not!

"Well aren't you just the sweetest thing since Milk Chocolate!"

"I thought so" 

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So now I am trying to learn how to use my tripod. Rumor has it, that if you set it to a ten second delay to shoot your picture, you will get a much clearer shot. Because your hand is not moving the camera.

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I took these pic's with my camera just "sitting" on the tripod, not secured and not using the ten second delay.

I just wanted to see how things would turn out. It's like watching the Lucille Ball Show, watching me trying to work the legs, which are adjustable in 3 places (I think?)

But I'm sure after a couple of weeks it will be second nature. But right now it's like a comedy show. Watching the tripod tip to one side, or me trying to figure out how far away I should set it up?

small entry decorating

small foyer decorating ideas

Yeah it's been fun!

small entryway decorating ideas

I mixed in real plants with low maintenance silks. The tiny little plastic ferns used to be in a wreath, that was for my front door. This was about 4 years ago, so it was time to repurpose it.

Door wreath decorated for summer or spring

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Rustic Foyer Decorating Ideas

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I hope you enjoyed my Summer Entryway tour, and stay tuned!

I am Porch tweaking next!

Entryway Decor for Summer Season

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