Garden Photo's for Early June

Garden Photos

I thought I would give an update on the garden flower bed in the front yard. And play with my tripod as the sun goes down.

Zone 5 Garden pictures

Just be warned, I did not "stage" my porch or yard. I did not sweep the mulch back into the garden bed where the critters constantly push it onto the sidewalk.

Nor did I straighten pillows, or any of that.

This is reality, and reality can be messy.

Especially when we live here.

Gardening photos

You can't see them, but I planted 3 oriental poppy plants last month, they are still little starter plants. I seriously hope they start growing soon!

They look like weeds, right now.

Gardening Inspiration

Remember the river creek bed debaucal? Well, I decided to put the rock that we currently have in some of the old trench anyway.

Even though we are not going to be using it for water drainage, doesn't mean I can't add interest to this garden bed. 

We moved the existing pebbles from the corner to do a "trail or path"

see the small black pipe, that's sump pump water being pumped away. That area will get covered with more brown mulch and hopefully plants pretty soon.

River Creek Bed

We got the flag back up. Which I love!

"G" originally balked at the idea of putting it in this spot, but once I explained I was not ready to screw into the new cedar post

and plus a 3' x 5' flag waving on it would swat people as they walk up the sidewalk

he relented.

Garden photos

Garden pictures

This front bed is looking kinda crowded. Years ago when I started it, we only had maybe 6 or 8 plants in here and used large boulders for interest.

Now it's time to move some of these shade lovers. That might be on my agenda today, but I am writing this on one cup of coffee.

By my 2nd cup, I may change my mind.

Shade gardening

Gardening pictures

I found 2 small boxwood starter plants at Home Depot for $5.00 each, no clue where they'll go yet, but you've seen the empty spots I have on the other side.

I'm sure I'll find them a home. Has anyone planted these? Lie to me ok? Are these vigorous growers, will they be 3 feet tall by October?

curb appeal diy projects

Ornamental trees in the garden

Oakleaf Hydrangea

Delphinium Flowers

Well thats me, playing with a tripod and showing some early June bloomers.

I don't think the pics turned out half bad again. Especially given the fact that the sun was going down when I took these.

Adding Curb appeal to the home