Garden Flowers for Summer

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Let's take a tour and see how my zone 5 garden is handling this summer heat wave we have been getting.

Indiana has been getting 90's temperatures with high humidity and some of my poor flowers are starting to show it.

Large scale garden beds filled with flowers

How to add curb appeal with flowers

Thankfully the last week with those high temps, we've also started to finally get some rain!

How to update the exterior of an older home with minor cosmetic fixes and flowers.

For the most part my shrubs have been faring ok, but my hydrangeas still won't bloom. I am starting to get frustrated with this variety, it seems so damn picky.

I have contemplated digging them up and replacing it with another variety.

One article I read said I may have to wait 5 years for this particular hydrangea.

Adding curb appeal to your home with a garden

Uhh hello? Wait for blooms? I've been waiting 3 years now.

Bloom me frustrated with this variety of hydrangea. Seems very picky to me.

How flowers can add curb appeal to your home

At least my coneflowers and oakleaf hydrangeas are performing well!

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Oakleaf Hydrangea shrub an easy to care for perennial.

Lipstick lollipop

Another garden beauty that is doing well. Thank goodness!

What colorful perennials to add for great curb appeal.

Since we might be done with diy projects for a couple of weeks, I am going to be concentrating on getting more plants in this newly enlarged garden bed. I hung up some red petunias to add a inexpensive pop of color until I could get back gardening again.

Zone 5 garden bed that adds curb appeal to my home

I forgot how much I hate to deadhead petunias.

But they do add a bright pop of color!

Conflowers - an easy to grow and care for perennial.

Gardens that add curb appeal to your home

Flowers and gardens that add curb appeal to your home.