DIY Project for the Home that's Quick, Easy and Cheap

An Industrial or Rustic Wall Hutch

Industrial Furniture

Everytime I see this DIY Project we created in a day I am amazed. It took less than ten hours to make, costs less than $100.00 and anyone can make it!

The impact it is adding to my Living room is dramatic, and I am loving it!
Below we are using stands to hold it up so we can visually decide how high up to hang it. Using the 1" x 2" wood pieces that were secured to the top and bottom we screwed it directly into the wall studs.

The blue painters tape strip at the bottom represents the top of the couch. I wanted that as a reference point before we hung this baby up. 

Rustic furniture

As far as weight goes? It weighs a lot less than we thought it would! We guesstimate it weighs around 45lbs. 

There are 2 more fascia pieces I wanted to add for purely decorative reasons, but those had to be added last. 

This hutch is only approximately 6" deep, so getting a drill in at the top with a fascia board on the front would have been impossible.

Build inexpensive furniture

The fascia board we added has some gorgeous scarring to the wood. I am so glad we found this treasure at the Lumber Yard. Below shows it completely secured to the wall and with the 2 fascia boards installed at the top, underneath the crown molding.

DIY Project

Are you blown away yet?

Furniture built in a day

My Oceanography teacher in high school used to tell me I wasn't applying myself enough because I got C's.

Well apply this Miss Thomas! Because this was totally my idea and I think we rocked it.

To style this bad boy I went the theme of 

Family, Rustic, Living and Color.

DIY Furniture

The metal pallet banding and furniture tacks are stunning and give it that added detail that I am loving!

Quick and easy diy project for the Home

Cheap and easy DIY Project that can be done in a day

How to make a large wall hutch in a day that's cheap, quick and easy!

I am so proud of this piece. I mean let's recap. Costs less about $80 to make, can be built in a day, can be hung anywhere in your home, is only 6' deep and the length can be customized to fit your needs!

Can I get a Hallelujah please!

Below gives you a good shot of the wood scarring I was talking about. You cannot recreate this with tools.

I wish we could!
DIY Project for the Living Room for Restoration Hardware Lovers that can be done in one day

Furniture Ideas for the DIY'er that can be done in a day

If you want to build one yourself you can read my DIY Project a Industrial Wall Hutch.

When you make this please be sure to drop me a note, I would love to see how you styled yours or added your own stylish touch to it!

Furniture Ideas for the DIY'er that can be done in a day and are inexpensive

Can you see one of these in the Dining Room? How about with Barn Door and a TV inside of it?

Uh huh thats right, hiding the TV in a stylish way. That's how I roll around here.

How to make Industrial Furniture that's quick and easy

How to make your own rustic furniture that's cheap and easy.


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