July Blooms - Easy to care for Perennials

July Blooms - Garden Inspiration and Ideas

The best perennials for the garden

I wanted to share a couple of perennials that I have in my garden, that give me a lot of blooms, for very little work or care. 

The best perennials for the garden

I would have to pick daisies as a top perennial for any yard. To be more specific, I would say

Daisy's are a very easy and low maintenance perennial. A variety I have in two different colors is Coneflower.

I do fertilize my garden beds, but these little darlings really don't seem to care if I forget.

Also if your area seems to get very little rain, you won't see them immediately wilt and dry out.

That is a definite bonus to me.

The best perennials for the garden

A little tip from one to gardener to another:

Once you see blooms, cut about half of them and bring them in the house in early summer. Because in late fall the ones you cut, will rebloom so now you get fresh ones in the Fall.

Another one of my favorites is 

Oakleaf Hydrangea

Oakleaf hydrangea an easy to care for shrub

This one also seems to thrive in almost any type of soil and requires little or no fertilization. In drought situations however, you will see droopy leaves so give it a drink with high 90 temperatures and no rain.

Zone 5 garden bed photos - how to get year round color in your garden

Remember the orange coneflowers I transplanted last year to the front garden bed? Well they came back in full force.

The best flowers to put in a garden - coneflowers

The closer we edge into the fall season, the Oakleaf hydrangea's leaves will start to turn a paper brown color and the flowers will also turn color.

Almost the color of rust. Which is perfect for fall!

The best flowers to put in a garden

The best shrubs to put in a garden

Not that I am anxious for Fall to show up just yet!

Coneflower - an easy to care for perennial

Today since we are getting some really nice 80's temperatures I might hit the home improvement store and pick up more small rock to finish out the river creek bed.

Garden inspiration for zone 5

But you know me! I may just wind up sitting on the porch and admiring my past garden work.

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What are your plans today?